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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramics Tiles

le carrelage et son territoire



Ceramics of Italy

Orlando - U.S.A.

Octobre 2011


En partenariat avec ECH01














The project place particular and marginal form of tiling in order to draw of it the force which will structure entirety of the exhibit design. The majority of the tiles are of square type or rectangular type, the one in which we will be interested is a regular hexagon. Hexagonal paving is, in geometry, one of the 3 regular pavings of Euclidean plan with and triangular paving what reassures and creates simple forms. Complexity comes from the gesture which draws the project by laying out these hexagonal elements to form a pattern and to compose an assembly, not limited either to 2 dimensions but integrating the height. To be done, this creative gesture draws its force in nature, in the beauty of a natural site named “the roadway of the giants”. The Roadway of the Giants is a volcanic formation located on the coast of Northern Ireland. It is characterized by approximately 40.000 juxtaposed vertical hexagonal columns. The unit, eroded by the action of the sea, evokes a paving which begins from the base of the cliff and disappears in the sea. In the project, the tiles correspond to the lava, the plates of translucent polycarbonate to the sea which erodes and carries few elements of lava.



15 "hexagrids" made of steel tubes ,creating hexagonal modules, are used as the base of the project.
The number of "hexagrids" used for the base give us several possible dimensions for the exhibit design. This grid is the support of the hexagonal tiles, and also of the columns in polycarbonate plates.
Part of no used grids can become a ceiling supported by existing structure witch suspend modules of light. All the forms of the project are drawn from the grid and are issue from the same hexagonal module. These forms are declined in modules of ground, modules of furniture and modules of lights.



The grid of the base have a 418.00 sqf surface. It is composed of 233 steel tubes with 1.18 inches diameter. This grid accommodates 46 hexagonal polycarbonate modules. It also accommodates 1034 pieces of tiling coming from the various firms of the group. The modules are in polycarbonate plates for a total surface of 8,340.00 sqf. Each module integrates a spot LED of variable color and intensity. The joints of the tiling ground integrate ribbon of color LED on 40.00 ft.

The costs are distributed as follows
  • grid 29,000.00$
  • 46 modules 28,500.00$
  • Spot LED 27,500,00$
  • ribbon LED 1,200.,,$
  • support tiling 13,000.00$
  • TOTAL PRICE: 99,200.00$